Day Care

Nemacolin Wooflands Pet Care Center provides constantly monitored, positive social interactions for your dog, with dogs that are of similar size, temperament and play style. Your pet may be seen relaxing in our lounge pool, playing in our splash pad, jumping into our tennis ball pit, or running through the agility tunnel. With an enrichment-focused program, we have plenty of options to keep your pet mentally and physically entertained. 

Benefits of Doggie Day Care

Dogs are happier and healthier when they’re actively engaged and exercised. This may reduce unwanted behaviors at home like digging, chewing, or destroying items due to boredom. For pets that have anxiety when left unattended at home, doggie daycare offers a safe space to keep your pet preoccupied and entertained.

Daycare sessions give your dog a positive experience with new people, sights, sounds and other dogs that provide the pet with multiple types of stimulation to support their wellbeing. At Wooflands, we focus on providing your pet with as many activities as possible. Our enrichment equipment in the yard is free for all pets to utilize during play. In addition, we offer a variety of one-on-one services and snack items.

For our pets, we offer private ball play, snuffle mat or puzzle toy sessions, cuddles with a story, stuffed Kongs, and lickimats. If you want your pet to have a special treat during the day we offer ice cream pupsicles, barcuterie boards, pupcups, and more. If you would like to take home something special for you, we offer a variety of paw or nose art canvases made special by your furry friend! During holiday seasons, we offer an additional assortment of unique themed activities and snack items.

When you pick up your dog after a day of doggie daycare, you’ll find your companion to be calm, content and ready to relax with you.

* If your dog doesn’t get along well with other dogs, they will still get plenty of exercise playing with pet care associates.

Services & Rates

At Nemacolin Wooflands Pet Care Center in McMurray, PA, our doggie daycare offers safe & fun playtime for all pets with the following features:

  • Both indoor and outdoor play areas to accommodate changes in weather.
  • Synthetic turf yards equipped with places for shade.
  • Splash pools and sprinklers for dogs that like romping in water.
  • Enrichment play in the tennis ball pit, agility tunnel, and a variety of toys.
  • Dog socialization with close supervision from a highly-trained associate.
  • One-on-one activities available as an add-on to increase enrichment.
  • Half day (less than 5 hours) and full day (5+ hours) available.

Reservations are required. For more information or to schedule daycare for your pet, please contact an associate at 724.942.3333.